Short Gambling Terminology

Advantage Playeralso known as bonus hunter, bonus whore, is a player who is using legal ways to gain mathematical advantage while gambling. In this case by using casino bonuses and by playing blackjack. This player is labeled as bonus abuser by casinos.

BankrollAmount of money a player comes to the casino with to be used strictly for placing bets.

Bet– wager 

Betting Limitsrepresents the minimum and maximum amount of money that you can wager on one bet. You can’t wager less than the minimum or more than maximum amount specified.

Card countingonly used in advanced BJ play at land based casinos, with the exception  of playing with single deck blackjack at online casinos. It means keeping track of all cards delt and played with since the deck shuffle.

Cashable vs Sticky- cashable bonus means you can withdraw both bonus and deposit after you meet the wagering requirements. Sticky is a bonus that can’t ever be withdrawn from the casino. Usually its stated in casinos t&c something like : ” the bonus money is for wagering purposes only”.

Comp pointsyou get the comp points for every €/£/$ you bet.Example: for every $10 you bet,you will acumulate 1 comp point.Every 100 comp points can be converted in $1.

Estimated Value( EV )- can be positive(+EV) or negative (-EV).there is a formula that can determin whether the bonus is worth doing or not. Formula : ( bonus) -(bonus x  WR x house edge )

-100% up to $100 bonus.

wagering requirements 20 x bonus ( 20 x $100 = $2000 )

house edge is 0.5% on blackjack,thats 0.005 as percentage is devided by 100.

back to formula : 100 -( 100 x 20 x 0.005)=90

That means that EV is positive, since you can expect $90 profit.

High Roller– a big bettor.

High Roller Bonusbonus for high rollers.

House Advantage or house edge, is statistical probability that the house/casino will beat you. At blackjack house has approximately 0.5% avdantage over player. Of course the lower the percentage, the greater are the chances for player to win.

Loyalty Bonusthis bonus is for players who have been with the casino for the long period of time, as an active player who reached various seniority levels. That means player receiving VIP status, or receiving different levels like bronze, silver , gold , platinum. The higher level you reach the more of this loyalty bonuses you are likely to get.

Monthly Bonussome casinos offers regular monthly bonuses. They are usually smaller than sign up bonuses.

No Deposit Bonusis free money (real money) that some online casinos give allowing you to try their games.You aren’t required to deposit anything at all.

Sign up Bonus– also known as welcome bonus,first deposit bonus, is a bonus that a casino offers to new players. Using this bonuses bonus hunters make their money. The most common are 100% up to $100 bounuses, but they can range anywhere from 50%(sometimes lower) to as high as 300%.

Terms & Conditions ( T&C) –rules and regulations that every casino impose upon their players. That means every time you sign up at casino you are obliged to accept their T&C if you want to play there. Some T&C are poorly written,some are confusing, so be sure to read them well before registering and accepting them, especially the small print.