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Formula 1 in 2030

f2030_fuel_cell_f1_by_wizzoo7-d34z8vpWhat will Formula 1 look like in 15 years? A race track made out of ‘intelligent grass’, is one of the possibilities. A new film, Human Ignition, will explore what the pinnacle of motor racing will look like in 2030. The feature film is being produced in partnership with the Lotus F1 team and explores some bold and exciting claims about the future of motorsport.

The trailer for the film, to be released in 2014, offers a tantalising teaser of some of the elements of F1 racing that will be looked at by the greatest minds and most revolutionary thinkers within the sport. ‘Intelligent grass’, surfaces would ‘move and flow in response to vehicles’. The trailer also speculates how human drivers and artificial intelligence drivers could compete against each other.

The technology of the vehicles themselves will also be explored, with future racing cars potentially capable of speeds thus far only dreamt of. How advancements in technology and design will shape the future of the sport is a fascinating exercise in imagination, albeit one ultimately grounded in science.

The film features comments from some of the leading minds in the industry, as well as an appearance in the footage below from Harald Belker, whose work as a vehicle designer includes the Batmobile and the Tron light-cycle. Belker’s presence hints at a slightly fantastical element to the film’s content but fans are assured that while designed to entertain and whet the appetite and imagination of race fans, Human Ignition is a serious exploration of the future of the sport.

In any event, for fans of F1 and technology and mechanics enthusiasts, Human Ignitiion seems set to be waited upon with impatience. After the success of Senna a few years ago it will interesting to see whether the next F1 focused documentary-film can prove to be as successful. The film is expected to be in cinemas from Spring 2014.