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Betsson Rally Team

The SIA Scandinavian Rally Championship (SRC) pits machines and drivers against each other in a display of human skill and engineering excellence in two, three and four-day events across some of the most difficult and varied conditions to be found across Scandinavia. The tracks for this epic motor racing challenge range from snow and packed ice and freezing cold in the winter to asphalt, boulder-strewn and dirt forest tracks and the heat of the summer.

The SRC series is considered to be one of the most intense and challenging competitions in motorsport and has been running for 40 years now, the inaugural event having taken place in 1973. This year’s event will see the 41st anniversary of the competition and 13 tracks spread over vastly different terrains in five countries.

The competition is simple in structure, if not in execution with each rally broken down into between 15 and 25 stages run on closed roads. Each driver attempts each stage on car at a time in a time trial with the aid of a navigator or co-driver whose role is to keep the driver informed as to the conditions ahead.

The cars themselves are essentially standard street cars, based on four cylinder 1.6 litre vehicles you can find in any showroom. However, these specimens are finely tuned and upgraded with the engine, transmission and suspension far beyond anything you will find on a normal car. The result is vehicles with more than 300bhp and masses of torque. On pretty much any surface, these cars can reach 100 kph from a standing start in under three seconds and reach top speeds of upwards of 220 kph.

The Betsson team have been competing in the SRC for four years now. Finished of eighth, fifth and third in the last two years seem to be preparing team Betsson for a serious tilt at this year’s title. Young driver and co-driver team of Eric Lamsark and Peter Brondheim now have the experience to match their undoubted talent. If this year’s Honda provided them with a vehicle to make the most of their growing ability, a first place finish should not be beyond them.